Digital Panel Meters

  • Process control, automation & laboratory uses
  • Class 0,01 to 1 
  • Current, Voltage, Frequency, Temperature, RPM, Pressure, etc.
  • LED / LCD displays
  • Display 1999 to 9999 Digits (3 ½ to 5 digits) 
  • DIN 43700 panel mounting cases
  • 14 different basic devices

DIGEM 48x24 AK5 (A 1125)

DIGEM 96x24 B5 (A1375)

DIGEM 96x24 BK5 (A1275)

DIGEM 96x48 AK5 (A1385)

DIGEM 96x48 AK5 (A1065)

DIGEM 96x48 CK5 (A1265)

DIGEM 96x24 MF5 (A1235)

DIGEM 96x48 MF5 (A1245)

DIGEM 96x48 MB5 (A1225)

DIGEM 96x48 SN5 (A1255)

DIGEM 144x72 C5 (A1005)

DIGEM 62x38 A5 (A1155)

DIGEM 62x38 B5 (A1175)

DIGEM 72 LCD (A1500)

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